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Xyz - Alhumdulillha rishta done

- Alhamdulillah,we found a match kindly remove my brother profile Thanks

Rawiah - I have found my match. kindly delete my account

Sofi sheukh - I got married alhamdulillah.

Mahi - I got my partner Allhumdullilah.. Kindly delete my id... Thanks.

RPAK82790 (Irfan & Iqra) - When the Lord intends a work, it is only a matter of time before it is said and the work is done. I have found a girl from this platform whom I would not be wrong to call my world. She is very homely, ethical, friendly, good-natured, has a distinct value in understanding. I have no words to describe the virtues of that girl. His name is so blessed that whenever a name is mentioned, I remember a great book like the Holy Quran. May Allah Almighty bless both the families with thousands of happiness. Dear Admin I found my soulmate ❤❤ Please Delete my account Thank you so muuuuuuuuuuucccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I would like to thank the admin of this platform once again. Inshallah, we will offer the gift to the admin according to our ability.

Naina - Dear Admin I found my soulmate ❤❤ please delete my account .. And thank you so muchhhh 🙏🏻

zizi - Alhamdolillah i just found perfect proposal, thanks

Hafiz Muhammad Ali - I have found someone special here. Dear admin, please delete my profile

Hii me ani - I am engaged alhumdullillah.

Zahir - Alhamdolillah i just found perfect proposal, thanks

Sofi - Kindly delete my profile Alhmdulilah i found my soulmate.

Good guy - Plz delete my profile. found my soulmate

Ihtesham - Kindly del my profile i have found my soulmate, thanks alot you guys are doing wonderful

Ahtasham - Dear Admin Aslam O Alekum I register on this site only 2 days and I found a beautiful ❤️ match and my soul mate. Thank you very much rishta com. Now I'm going to delete my account. Thanks

Sadia - Kindly delete my profile Alhmdulilah i found my soulmate

Mubashra - I have found my betterhalf.Got engaged.Jaazaak ALLAH khair Rishta Pakistan

RPAK75188 (M. Irfan) - I have found a very noble and respected family through this website. The girl is very decent, sensible. May Allah Almighty bless both the families with thousands of happiness. And keep away from every calamity. Say goodbye. Amen. May Allah Almighty bless the honor and deeds of the creators of the website and enrich them with all the blessings of religion and the world.

Xyz - Alhamdulillah i found my match the way i wanted. May Allah reward you all for this.

ADEEL - Finally I Got Amazing Soulmate Through this App. Now I'm gonna Delete my Account . Whoever Will See my Comment Please Remember me in your Prayers. JAZAKALLAH

Mahi - Alhamdolillah I have found my life partner.. thank u so much.plz delete my account now

Scorpion - I have found someone special here. Dear admin, please delete my profile.

Khattak - Alhamdulillah , I got married, this site is help full for most of the single family living in big cities & urban areas ,thanks Rishta pakistan

- Alhamdulillah I have got perfect match from Netherlands 😇 Thanks Admin❤

RPAK25118 - Thanks.. Alhamdulilah we got groom from this site ...this site is going very best

RPAK33369 - I have found my perfect and ideal match. Thanks Rishta Pakistan

RPAK70045 - Alhumdulillah i got my life partner through rishta pakistan.. May Allah bless team of rishta pakistan

RPAK39437 - we got perfect mature Here at u so much..

RPAK68919 - Its very good platform ..... I have found my proposal through this website. Thank you Rishta Pakistan

RPAK58492 - got my match thanks to rishta pakistan now i am married shukar hai khuda ka

RPAK16440 - Thanks a lot sir, I found my ideal match here. Jazak Allah. Regards

RPAK59068 - I am engaged now with the help of this website. Thank you.

RPAK72967 - we got good proposal for our daughter Kindly Thanksalot Allah bless u with best thanks to this great website

- Find soulmate thankyou so muchh for this website please admin remove my account

Shani - I am very satisfied from this step. it's a very very helpful..I am very sure Allah will give you a best reward for this nice step. stay blessed

Tr - Alhamdulillah I have got my perfect match. Thank you admin stay blessed and happy ever Ameen.

Dildar - This web side is very best through this site I find my life partner, so thankful to careator of this website

KHADIJA - I found my betterhalf... kindly del my account

RPAK66035 - I have found perfect match for my sister. Please deactivate my account.

Fakhar - Thanks to admin I got my perfect match here. This is good site and should only be used for halal marriages. Good luck to all. Regards

Ayesha Adnan - i got my soul mate <3 And i am really thank full to the administrators of this website. Thank you so much once again to helping me a perfect person۔kindly close my account,

Mariyam shahzadi - Salam mein Mariyam shahzadi Hun Mera reshta as app ke wajha say hua ha shokar ha Allah Ka mujy am achay life partner mely I am so happay ABB mein apni choti bhen Ka reshta Dekh rahe Hun as ide pay thanku reshta Pakistan

Adeel - I have found the right match through the platform of Rishta Pakistan. Com. Soon i am getting married. So i request the Admin of the website to kindly delete my account Thank you so much. Regards Adeel My ID RPAK 58434

xyz - dear rishta team ap sub ka bht shukria I have found my soulmate. please delete my profile

RPAK48161 - اللہ پاک کے فضل و کرم سے مجھے میرا بیسٹ لائف پارٹنر اس ویب سائٹ سے مل گیا ہے اور میری انگیجمینٹ ہو گئی ہے میری اللہ پاک سے دعا ہے کہ اللہ پاک اس ویب سائیٹ بنانے والے کواجر عظیم عطا فرمائے آمین

RPAK56634 - Thanks rishtapakistan. I found my life partner. Soon we will get marry InshaAllah .

RPAK56185 - I find my very nice life partner...thanks to u admin and Allah bless u always

RPAK18977 - I have found my dream match . Thanks alot . The best site i ever find out after two year and got in just few months ... thank u 10000 much... dua ha ALLAH na acha partner dya ho mujhy .ameen

RPAK51753 - Aasallam mu Alaikum admin, I hope you r feeling well. I found my partner 🥰😍... thx alot for your site ... please delete my account, thank you.

RPAK55635 - Meet my lifepartner thax rishta pak

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