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Please welcome new members at Rishta Pakistan, these Pakistani proposals have recently joined our Pakistani Marriage Proposals service. This matrimonial list updates automatically as new members join. You need to be a registered member to contact them and its free to join and to contact these members.

Latest Profiles

Matri Id Gender Age Country City
RPAK77507 Female 29 Pakistan Others
RPAK77506 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77505 Male 30 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK77503 Male 30 United Kingdom Essex
RPAK77502 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77501 Female 32 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK77500 Male 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77499 Male 29 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77498 Male 21 Pakistan Bahawalpur
RPAK77497 Male 28 Australia Others
RPAK77496 Male 31 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77495 Female 29 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77493 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77492 Male 36 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77491 Female 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77489 Male 27 Pakistan Jamshoro
RPAK77488 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77486 Male 21 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77485 Male 30 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77484 Female 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77482 Male 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77481 Male 35 Pakistan Hafizabad
RPAK77480 Male 26 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77479 Male 26 Germany Others
RPAK77476 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77475 Male 22 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77474 Male 25 Pakistan Muridke
RPAK77472 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77471 Female 27 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77469 Male 24 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77468 Male 26 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77467 Male 35 Pakistan Gujrat
RPAK77466 Male 43 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77464 Male 45 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77462 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77461 Male 28 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77460 Male 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77459 Male 27 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77458 Male 36 Pakistan Swabi
RPAK77457 Male 34 United States Of America Others
RPAK77456 Male 28 Pakistan Kasur
RPAK77455 Female 40 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77453 Female 22 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK77452 Male 26 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK77451 Male 33 United Kingdom Others
RPAK77450 Male 30 Pakistan Hafizabad
RPAK77448 Male 35 Pakistan Shakargarh
RPAK77445 Female 24 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77444 Female 37 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77443 Male 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77442 Male 28 Australia Others
RPAK77441 Male 38 Pakistan Multan
RPAK77440 Male 34 Pakistan Sargodha
RPAK77438 Male 34 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77434 Male 26 Pakistan Layyah
RPAK77433 Female 27 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK77432 Female 28 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77431 Male 30 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK77430 Female 26 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77429 Male 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77428 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77427 Male 23 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77426 Male 27 Pakistan Hafizabad
RPAK77425 Male 34 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77424 Male 47 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77423 Male 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77422 Male 27 United States Of America Others
RPAK77421 Male 35 Saudia Arabia Others
RPAK77420 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77419 Male 31 Saudia Arabia Others
RPAK77418 Male 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77417 Male 28 Pakistan Mianwali
RPAK77415 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77414 Male 26 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77413 Female 33 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77412 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77411 Male 28 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK77410 Male 25 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77409 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77408 Female 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77407 Male 27 Pakistan Sargodha
RPAK77404 Male 36 Pakistan Others
RPAK77402 Male 33 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77401 Male 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77399 Female 27 Pakistan Others
RPAK77397 Male 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77396 Female 23 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77395 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77394 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77390 Male 20 Pakistan Ahmadpur
RPAK77389 Female 33 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77388 Male 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77387 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77386 Male 38 Canada Others
RPAK77385 Female 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77383 Male 34 China Others
RPAK77380 Male 28 Australia Others
RPAK77378 Male 32 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK77377 Male 37 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77376 Male 35 United Kingdom Lancashire
RPAK77372 Female 39 Pakistan Others
RPAK77370 Male 31 United Kingdom Essex
RPAK77369 Female 24 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77368 Male 39 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77366 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77364 Female 28 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77361 Male 23 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77360 Male 38 France Others
RPAK77359 Male 22 Pakistan Others
RPAK77358 Male 30 Others Others
RPAK77357 Male 29 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77356 Male 23 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK77355 Female 33 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77354 Male 21 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77353 Male 29 United Kingdom Others
RPAK77352 Male 34 Others Others
RPAK77350 Male 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77348 Female 45 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77347 Male 35 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77344 Male 31 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77343 Male 19 Pakistan Sahiwal
RPAK77342 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77341 Male 56 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77340 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77339 Male 47 United States Of America Others
RPAK77338 Female 37 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77336 Male 32 Pakistan Gujrat
RPAK77335 Male 27 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77333 Male 28 Pakistan Chakwal
RPAK77332 Male 39 United States Of America Others
RPAK77331 Male 34 Pakistan Dera Allah Yar
RPAK77330 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77329 Male 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77328 Male 24 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77327 Male 68 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77326 Male 22 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77325 Male 45 Denmark Others
RPAK77322 Male 25 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK77320 Female 20 United Kingdom Buckinghamshire
RPAK77319 Male 28 Pakistan Okara
RPAK77318 Female 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77317 Female 26 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77316 Female 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77315 Male 38 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77314 Male 34 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK77312 Female 21 Pakistan Abbottabad
RPAK77310 Male 26 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK77309 Male 36 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77308 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77307 Female 26 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK77306 Female 41 Pakistan Hyderabad
RPAK77305 Male 23 Pakistan Okara
RPAK77304 Male 26 Pakistan Hyderabad
RPAK77303 Male 27 Pakistan Multan
RPAK77302 Male 20 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77301 Male 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77300 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77299 Female 26 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77298 Male 37 Pakistan Shekhupura
RPAK77297 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77294 Female 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77293 Female 26 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK77292 Female 34 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77291 Male 43 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77290 Male 26 Italy Others
RPAK77289 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77288 Female 27 Pakistan Others
RPAK77286 Female 23 Pakistan Others
RPAK77285 Male 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77284 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77283 Male 40 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77281 Male 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77279 Female 23 Pakistan Sargodha
RPAK77274 Male 26 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77273 Male 26 Australia Others
RPAK77271 Male 26 Pakistan Muzaffargarh
RPAK77270 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77268 Male 33 Pakistan Others
RPAK77267 Male 46 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77266 Male 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77265 Male 37 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77264 Male 59 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77263 Male 35 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77260 Male 43 Saudia Arabia Others
RPAK77259 Female 33 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77258 Male 32 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK77257 Female 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK77256 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77255 Male 29 Pakistan Hafizabad
RPAK77254 Male 52 United Kingdom Bedfordshire
RPAK77253 Male 33 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK77252 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77250 Male 33 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77249 Female 24 Pakistan Others
RPAK77248 Male 35 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK77247 Male 25 Pakistan Murree
RPAK77246 Male 24 Pakistan Ghotki
RPAK77245 Male 34 Korea, Republic Of Others
RPAK77243 Female 45 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK77242 Male 30 Pakistan Hyderabad