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Please welcome new members at Rishta Pakistan, these Pakistani proposals have recently joined our Pakistani Marriage Proposals service. This matrimonial list updates automatically as new members join. You need to be a registered member to contact them and its free to join and to contact these members.

Latest Profiles

Matri Id Gender Age Country City
RPAK106808 Male 48 Pakistan Narowal
RPAK106807 Male 46 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106806 Female 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106802 Male 28 United States Of America Others
RPAK106800 Female 29 Pakistan Wazirabad
RPAK106798 Male 26 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK106796 Male 35 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106795 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106794 Male 59 United States Of America Others
RPAK106793 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106789 Male 32 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106788 Male 27 United States Of America Others
RPAK106786 Male 35 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK106785 Male 26 Canada Others
RPAK106783 Male 52 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106782 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106781 Male 30 United States Of America Others
RPAK106780 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106778 Male 23 United Kingdom Yorkshire
RPAK106775 Female 22 Pakistan Others
RPAK106774 Male 47 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106773 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106772 Male 34 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106771 Female 19 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106770 Male 29 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106769 Male 33 Pakistan Multan
RPAK106767 Male 34 Pakistan Others
RPAK106766 Male 29 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106765 Male 29 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106764 Male 24 Pakistan Okara
RPAK106762 Male 40 Bahrain Others
RPAK106761 Male 23 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106759 Male 33 Pakistan Shakargarh
RPAK106756 Female 37 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106754 Male 33 United Kingdom Northamptonshire
RPAK106752 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106750 Male 40 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106749 Male 22 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106747 Male 39 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106745 Male 37 Pakistan Jhelum
RPAK106744 Female 24 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106743 Male 30 Pakistan Chakwal
RPAK106742 Male 19 Pakistan Others
RPAK106741 Male 35 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106740 Male 27 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK106738 Female 21 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106737 Male 25 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106736 Male 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106733 Male 38 United Kingdom Derbyshire
RPAK106732 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106730 Male 37 Pakistan Gujrat
RPAK106729 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106728 Male 41 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106727 Male 46 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106726 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106725 Female 30 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106723 Female 26 Pakistan Attock
RPAK106722 Female 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106720 Male 36 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106718 Female 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106717 Female 30 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK106714 Female 27 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106713 Female 26 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK106712 Male 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106710 Male 30 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106708 Male 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106707 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106706 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106705 Male 29 Qatar Others
RPAK106704 Female 26 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106703 Male 21 United States Of America Others
RPAK106701 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106699 Male 44 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK106698 Female 35 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106697 Male 26 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK106694 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106693 Male 34 Pakistan Gujar Khan
RPAK106692 Male 35 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106691 Male 28 Pakistan Quetta
RPAK106690 Male 30 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106689 Male 28 Pakistan Larkana
RPAK106688 Female 29 Pakistan Mandi Bahauddin
RPAK106687 Female 33 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106686 Male 26 Canada Others
RPAK106685 Female 37 Pakistan Others
RPAK106682 Female 22 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106681 Male 27 Pakistan Mailsi
RPAK106680 Male 39 Norway Others
RPAK106679 Male 41 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106677 Female 36 Pakistan Sahiwal
RPAK106676 Male 29 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106675 Female 37 Pakistan Ahmadpur
RPAK106673 Male 27 Canada Others
RPAK106672 Male 31 Australia Others
RPAK106670 Male 28 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK106669 Male 33 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106667 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106666 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106665 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106664 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106663 Male 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106662 Male 50 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106661 Male 25 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106659 Male 31 Others Others
RPAK106658 Male 26 Pakistan Dina
RPAK106657 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106656 Male 28 South Africa Others
RPAK106655 Male 25 Canada Others
RPAK106654 Male 50 Pakistan Attock
RPAK106652 Female 34 Others Others
RPAK106650 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106649 Male 21 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106646 Female 44 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106644 Male 37 United Kingdom Others
RPAK106643 Male 30 Germany Others
RPAK106641 Male 34 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106640 Female 24 Pakistan Thatta
RPAK106638 Male 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106637 Male 30 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106636 Male 29 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106634 Male 29 Pakistan Sahiwal
RPAK106630 Female 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106629 Male 22 Spain Others
RPAK106627 Female 29 Pakistan Others
RPAK106625 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106623 Male 41 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106622 Male 44 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106621 Female 38 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106620 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106617 Female 37 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106614 Male 41 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106613 Male 24 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106612 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106609 Female 26 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK106607 Male 28 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106606 Female 21 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106604 Male 22 France Others
RPAK106602 Male 34 United Kingdom Leicestershire
RPAK106601 Female 29 Pakistan Others
RPAK106600 Male 23 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106599 Male 25 Pakistan Others
RPAK106598 Male 18 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106597 Male 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106596 Female 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106593 Male 40 United Kingdom Bedfordshire
RPAK106592 Female 27 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106591 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106590 Female 72 Pakistan Multan
RPAK106589 Male 19 Pakistan Nawabshah
RPAK106588 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106587 Male 36 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106586 Female 31 Pakistan Sarai Alamgir
RPAK106585 Male 37 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK106582 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106580 Male 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106579 Female 26 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106577 Female 19 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106576 Male 36 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK106572 Female 49 Pakistan Others
RPAK106570 Male 29 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106569 Male 41 United Arab Emirates Dubai
RPAK106566 Male 28 Pakistan Jhelum
RPAK106565 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106564 Female 21 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106563 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106561 Male 28 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106556 Male 32 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106555 Male 39 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106552 Male 25 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK106551 Male 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106549 Male 28 Italy Others
RPAK106548 Male 20 Pakistan Madyan
RPAK106546 Male 28 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106545 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106544 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106543 Male 29 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106539 Male 24 France Others
RPAK106537 Male 34 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106535 Male 35 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106531 Male 30 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106529 Male 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106526 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106522 Male 24 American Samoa Others
RPAK106521 Male 34 Pakistan Bahawalnagar
RPAK106519 Male 30 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK106518 Male 52 United Kingdom Middlesex
RPAK106517 Male 25 Pakistan Kasur
RPAK106516 Female 36 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106515 Male 38 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK106514 Male 31 Pakistan Nowshera
RPAK106512 Male 25 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK106509 Male 26 Pakistan Sargodha
RPAK106507 Male 36 Italy Others
RPAK106505 Male 33 Canada Others
RPAK106503 Male 39 Pakistan Others
RPAK106502 Male 36 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK106499 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106495 Male 21 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106494 Male 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK106493 Female 26 Pakistan Chiniot