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Please welcome new members at Rishta Pakistan, these Pakistani proposals have recently joined our Pakistani Marriage Proposals service. This matrimonial list updates automatically as new members join. You need to be a registered member to contact them and its free to join and to contact these members.

Latest Profiles

Matri Id Gender Age Country City
RPAK82369 Male 27 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK82367 Male 30 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82365 Male 47 Canada Others
RPAK82364 Female 27 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK82362 Male 28 Australia Others
RPAK82361 Male 59 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82360 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82359 Male 30 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK82358 Female 40 Saudia Arabia Others
RPAK82357 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82356 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82355 Male 27 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82354 Male 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82353 Male 45 Pakistan Wah Cantonment
RPAK82352 Male 26 Pakistan Lodhran
RPAK82351 Female 31 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82350 Male 27 Pakistan Ghotki
RPAK82349 Male 30 Pakistan Hyderabad
RPAK82348 Female 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82347 Female 26 Pakistan Abbottabad
RPAK82346 Male 24 Bahrain Others
RPAK82345 Male 28 Finland Others
RPAK82344 Female 34 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82343 Female 29 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82342 Male 21 Italy Others
RPAK82341 Male 40 Canada Others
RPAK82339 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82338 Male 43 United Kingdom Down
RPAK82336 Male 35 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82335 Male 24 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK82334 Female 27 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82333 Male 43 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82332 Female 38 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82331 Female 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82330 Female 24 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK82329 Male 29 Pakistan Pir Mahal
RPAK82328 Male 24 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82327 Male 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82325 Male 22 Pakistan Bahawalpur
RPAK82323 Male 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82322 Female 39 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82321 Male 44 United Kingdom Others
RPAK82320 Male 29 United States Of America Others
RPAK82319 Female 26 Pakistan Attock
RPAK82318 Male 31 Pakistan Sahiwal
RPAK82317 Male 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82315 Female 32 Pakistan Kharian
RPAK82314 Male 31 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82313 Male 37 Denmark Others
RPAK82312 Male 23 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82311 Male 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82310 Male 26 Pakistan Wazirabad
RPAK82309 Male 29 Australia Others
RPAK82308 Male 33 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK82307 Male 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82306 Male 24 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK82305 Male 30 Pakistan Vehari
RPAK82303 Male 30 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82302 Female 24 Spain Others
RPAK82301 Male 30 Pakistan Jhelum
RPAK82300 Male 31 Denmark Others
RPAK82299 Male 27 Pakistan Others
RPAK82298 Male 30 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82296 Male 29 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82295 Male 23 Pakistan Bahawalpur
RPAK82294 Female 26 Pakistan Others
RPAK82293 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82291 Male 31 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82290 Male 30 Pakistan Gojra
RPAK82289 Male 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82287 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82284 Female 27 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK82283 Female 36 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82282 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82280 Male 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82279 Male 34 Pakistan Wah Cantonment
RPAK82277 Male 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82276 Male 35 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82272 Male 32 Denmark Others
RPAK82269 Male 30 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82268 Male 33 Pakistan Others
RPAK82267 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82266 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82265 Male 38 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82264 Male 38 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82263 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82262 Male 25 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82261 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82260 Male 45 United Kingdom Durham
RPAK82259 Male 21 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK82257 Male 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82256 Male 32 Pakistan Chiniot
RPAK82255 Male 28 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82254 Female 30 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82253 Male 31 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82252 Male 23 Pakistan Kamalia
RPAK82249 Male 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82247 Male 32 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82246 Male 31 United States Of America Others
RPAK82244 Male 24 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK82243 Male 47 Pakistan Shekhupura
RPAK82242 Male 32 United Kingdom Middlesex
RPAK82241 Female 27 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82240 Male 34 Pakistan Others
RPAK82239 Male 23 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK82238 Female 31 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82237 Male 40 United States Of America Others
RPAK82236 Male 50 United States Of America Others
RPAK82235 Female 45 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82234 Male 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82233 Male 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82231 Male 33 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82230 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82229 Male 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82228 Female 36 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82227 Male 27 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK82225 Male 21 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82222 Male 39 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82220 Male 44 Pakistan Multan
RPAK82219 Female 40 Pakistan Mardan
RPAK82218 Male 31 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82217 Female 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82215 Male 23 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82214 Female 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82213 Male 29 Pakistan Rahim Yar Khan
RPAK82212 Male 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82211 Female 23 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82210 Male 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82209 Male 43 United Kingdom Essex
RPAK82207 Female 31 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82205 Male 29 Pakistan Attock
RPAK82204 Male 29 United Kingdom Sussex
RPAK82203 Female 32 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82202 Female 25 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK82201 Male 31 Canada Others
RPAK82200 Male 48 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82199 Male 21 Pakistan Kashmore
RPAK82198 Male 21 Pakistan Mianwali
RPAK82197 Male 37 Pakistan Others
RPAK82196 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82195 Male 26 United States Of America Others
RPAK82194 Female 32 Pakistan Wah Cantonment
RPAK82193 Male 58 Canada Others
RPAK82192 Male 34 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82191 Male 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82190 Male 45 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82188 Male 26 Pakistan Mandi Bahauddin
RPAK82187 Male 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82186 Male 20 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK82184 Female 32 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82183 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82182 Male 36 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82181 Female 25 Pakistan Mardan
RPAK82180 Male 45 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82179 Male 39 United States Of America Others
RPAK82178 Male 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82175 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82174 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82172 Male 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82171 Male 60 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82170 Female 49 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82169 Male 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82168 Male 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82167 Male 35 Pakistan Abbottabad
RPAK82166 Male 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82165 Male 22 Pakistan Kharian
RPAK82161 Male 29 Pakistan Multan
RPAK82160 Female 23 Pakistan Taxila
RPAK82158 Female 34 Pakistan Gojra
RPAK82157 Male 35 Pakistan Jhelum
RPAK82156 Female 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82155 Male 30 Pakistan Abbottabad
RPAK82154 Female 34 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82153 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82152 Male 27 United States Of America Others
RPAK82151 Male 36 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82150 Male 24 Pakistan Hafizabad
RPAK82148 Female 46 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82147 Female 42 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82146 Male 34 United States Of America Others
RPAK82144 Male 40 Pakistan Multan
RPAK82142 Male 26 Germany Others
RPAK82141 Male 43 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82140 Male 40 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82139 Male 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82138 Male 35 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82137 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82134 Male 20 Pakistan Abbottabad
RPAK82133 Male 26 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82132 Male 24 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK82131 Male 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82130 Male 33 Canada Others
RPAK82127 Female 36 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82125 Male 31 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK82124 Male 40 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK82123 Male 50 Pakistan Wah Cantonment
RPAK82121 Female 28 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK82119 Female 23 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK82117 Male 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK82116 Male 24 Pakistan Islamabad