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Please welcome new members at Rishta Pakistan, these Pakistani proposals have recently joined our Pakistani Marriage Proposals service. This matrimonial list updates automatically as new members join. You need to be a registered member to contact them and its free to join and to contact these members.

Latest Profiles

Matri Id Gender Age Country City
RPAK115991 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115985 Female 41 Pakistan Others
RPAK115979 Female 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115968 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115967 Female 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115963 Female 25 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK115960 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115953 Female 27 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115948 Female 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115944 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115925 Female 31 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115910 Female 24 Pakistan Dra Ghazi Khan
RPAK115908 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115904 Female 26 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK115898 Female 26 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115896 Female 25 Pakistan Others
RPAK115895 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115893 Female 35 Armenia Others
RPAK115890 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115886 Female 35 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115875 Female 23 Pakistan Kasur
RPAK115872 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115870 Female 38 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115862 Female 26 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK115859 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115853 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115848 Female 31 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK115845 Female 35 Pakistan Bahawalnagar
RPAK115838 Female 21 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK115837 Female 23 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115831 Female 32 Pakistan Others
RPAK115828 Female 24 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115825 Female 23 Pakistan Sialkot
RPAK115820 Female 26 Pakistan Chichawatni
RPAK115818 Female 53 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115815 Female 39 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115813 Female 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115810 Female 25 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115788 Female 26 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115780 Female 43 Pakistan Safdarabad
RPAK115764 Female 36 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115757 Female 32 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115752 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115750 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115746 Female 27 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115743 Female 43 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115741 Female 43 Pakistan Bannu
RPAK115710 Female 27 Saudia Arabia Others
RPAK115708 Female 35 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115700 Female 36 Pakistan Others
RPAK115697 Female 44 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115695 Female 21 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115682 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115680 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115673 Female 26 United States Of America Others
RPAK115672 Female 35 Pakistan Others
RPAK115662 Female 21 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115653 Female 26 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115652 Female 24 United Arab Emirates Others
RPAK115650 Female 70 United States Of America Others
RPAK115648 Female 38 Pakistan Abbottabad
RPAK115641 Female 34 United Arab Emirates Ajman
RPAK115633 Female 35 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115630 Female 25 Pakistan Gojra
RPAK115628 Female 21 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115627 Female 19 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115622 Female 22 Turkey Others
RPAK115620 Female 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115616 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115615 Female 37 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115612 Female 28 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK115606 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115601 Female 31 United States Of America Others
RPAK115599 Female 28 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115596 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115594 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115587 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115582 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115577 Female 34 Pakistan Others
RPAK115572 Female 30 Pakistan Others
RPAK115562 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115560 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115549 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115535 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115534 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115524 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115522 Female 43 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115520 Female 41 Pakistan Khushab
RPAK115515 Female 28 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK115510 Female 29 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK115505 Female 32 Pakistan Others
RPAK115498 Female 30 Pakistan Swabi
RPAK115496 Female 20 Hungary Others
RPAK115490 Female 19 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115488 Female 29 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115479 Female 29 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115474 Female 29 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK115469 Female 36 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK115468 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK115462 Female 30 Pakistan Karachi