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Please welcome new members at Rishta Pakistan, these Pakistani proposals have recently joined our Pakistani Marriage Proposals service. This matrimonial list updates automatically as new members join. You need to be a registered member to contact them and its free to join and to contact these members.

Latest Profiles

Matri Id Gender Age Country City
RPAK119804 Female 37 Pakistan Others
RPAK119803 Female 38 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119801 Female 19 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119799 Female 24 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK119797 Female 22 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119794 Female 40 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119791 Female 32 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119789 Female 21 Pakistan Shekhupura
RPAK119787 Female 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119784 Female 49 Pakistan Attock
RPAK119783 Female 30 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119776 Female 36 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119775 Female 27 Saipan Others
RPAK119770 Female 40 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119758 Female 35 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119744 Female 27 France Others
RPAK119741 Female 34 Pakistan Bhalwal
RPAK119740 Female 24 Pakistan Hyderabad
RPAK119734 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119721 Female 31 Pakistan Attock
RPAK119717 Female 25 Canada Others
RPAK119713 Female 38 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119710 Female 42 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119701 Female 34 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119694 Female 37 Pakistan Others
RPAK119686 Female 24 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK119683 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119682 Female 20 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119675 Female 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119663 Female 25 Pakistan Shekhupura
RPAK119662 Female 24 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119654 Female 26 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119650 Female 20 Pakistan Hyderabad
RPAK119644 Female 25 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119640 Female 20 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK119629 Female 28 Pakistan Okara
RPAK119624 Female 48 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119618 Female 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119614 Female 47 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119610 Female 33 Oman Others
RPAK119597 Female 28 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119590 Female 25 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119586 Female 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119579 Female 25 United States Of America Others
RPAK119574 Female 37 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119564 Female 23 Pakistan Peshawar
RPAK119544 Female 32 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119541 Female 25 Pakistan Gujrat
RPAK119540 Female 28 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119493 Female 35 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119492 Female 26 Pakistan Faisalabad
RPAK119488 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119484 Female 45 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119483 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119481 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119475 Female 37 Pakistan Gujrat
RPAK119471 Female 24 Pakistan Kasur
RPAK119460 Female 26 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119457 Female 24 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119456 Female 26 Pakistan Burewala
RPAK119453 Female 20 United Kingdom Bedfordshire
RPAK119448 Female 37 Pakistan Others
RPAK119435 Female 33 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119423 Female 37 Pakistan Wah Cantonment
RPAK119417 Female 37 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119416 Female 27 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119407 Female 27 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119406 Female 24 Pakistan Haripur
RPAK119384 Female 21 Pakistan Multan
RPAK119381 Female 22 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119376 Female 25 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119365 Female 39 United States Of America Others
RPAK119364 Female 23 Pakistan Nazimabad
RPAK119363 Female 31 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119359 Female 28 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119354 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119348 Female 33 Pakistan Wah Cantonment
RPAK119344 Female 33 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119341 Female 31 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119339 Female 25 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119331 Female 27 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119330 Female 41 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119322 Female 30 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119319 Female 20 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119314 Female 23 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119306 Female 36 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119304 Female 34 Pakistan Rawalpindi
RPAK119283 Female 26 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119280 Female 25 American Samoa Others
RPAK119275 Female 28 Pakistan Others
RPAK119270 Female 26 Pakistan Karachi
RPAK119259 Female 33 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119258 Female 28 Pakistan Lahore
RPAK119250 Female 49 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119248 Female 30 Pakistan Wazirabad
RPAK119235 Female 29 Pakistan Islamabad
RPAK119233 Female 26 Pakistan Multan
RPAK119229 Female 27 Pakistan Tando Allahyar
RPAK119220 Female 26 Pakistan Gujranwala
RPAK119216 Female 26 Pakistan Lahore